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About Us

BodyPower Nutrition are the leaders in sports nutrition, fuelling fitness enthusiasts all over Asia with high quality supplements.

Manufactured in India, at BP Nutrition we source the best quality ingredients from around the world to bring you a range of products which not only tastes great, but more importantly helps you to achieve your desired results.

Ranging from complete beginners through to professional athletes, our products are designed to help keep you motivated and give that additional edge you need to reach your goal.

We’re proud to have a number of world class sponsored athletes as part of the BodyPower Nutrition family, helping us to keep developing the products to make sure they continue to be the best available on the market.

The BodyPower brand is known worldwide, especially all across India, and our team of full time nutrition advisor's are always on hand to help educate the general public on the correct nutrition and supplementation plans. This, alongside regular nutrition seminars, delivered by international experts, means the BodyPower Nutrition brand is always at the forefront which it comes to sports nutrition.